We have been innovating and manufacturing signage products for nearly 25 years. In that time, we have witnessed and pioneered many fundamental developments, the most radical of these has been the transference to LED in nearly all aspects of illumination. Once considered unthinkable we were at the forefront of LED powered external main signage.

We have seen aluminium composite material (ACM) go from a cheap hoarding panel to a mainstream high-quality main signage substrate. We are without doubt the leading UK manufacturer to be developing this material in many areas, especially as light weight superior alternative to steel for use as built up lettering and substantial 3D elements.


All our core materials are fully recyclable.

All our illumination techniques are using LED in various formats.

In addition, our internal policy is committed to minimising our environmental impact.


Our focus has and always will be concentrated on three primary attributes.

To design and deliver the highest quality products, utilising our own innovative techniques allowing our clients to ever push the boundaries of signage creative design.

To maintain and improve our incredibly high standard of skilled team members ensuring we always give the very best service, this enables us to develop and produce one offs and prototypes in a matter of days.

This same team will frequently produce any multi product roll out, regardless of complexity.